Friday, 31 March 2017

Slithering soil snake

I read a book called extraordinary earthworm It was a good book to read?

Friday, 2 December 2016

Teen wolf's

Last night at home I was watching teen wolf my first season was when scott turn into a true alpha. When that finish I went into all the season and pick a different
One I pick when liam get’s in scott pack liam was a beta and the last season was when the beast die’s then kira
Take theo to the sand walker and kira have to go with the sand walker.

When that finish I watch the alpha pack season Deucalion  the demon wolf and Deucalion teacher’s the twins hell to controls there big were wolf they turn into a
Alpha because they killed there alpha.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016


On Halloween A little boy went Trick or Treating .His custom was a skeleton he had a bow an arrow he went with his big brother he was a werewolf me and him went trick or treating in Kaikohe. We went in a lot of houses and said trick a treat and they gave us some yummy lollies and we said thanks and we were going house to house getting more lollies from good people. Lucky we were safe because my uncle was with us. But I thought that my uncle was coming with us just to eat all of our lollies. But he wasn't because he is a good uncle but i gave him the dilish lollies and he was munching on them and we were laughing at him but that was his reward yummy lollies. But he loved them he like mainly every lollies. So then we went home and munched all of our lollies well everyone was watching us and getting jealous of us eating the lollies there was a lot of lollies
There was like 86 lollies in a fake pumpkin I shared it with my cousin because i am a good boy well not all the time but most of the time. Oh and they talk there two dog was super-dog and  hulkImage result for super dog halloween costumeImage result for werewolf halloween costumeImage result for halloween  skeleton with a bow Image result for hulk dog halloween costume

Friday, 21 October 2016

WALT: organise our writing into paragraphs

                                                           MY WEEKEND
On The weekend I stayed home and played with my stick toys. I was making them fight and fight.

Then I went by my brother and played on the bed. When my brother went to sleep we cleaned up the room.

After we finish we had some ice cream. The ice cream was freezing and cold in my mouth
But the taste was delicious

Friday, 14 October 2016

The holiday

On Sunday my brother and I were in the cabin on the ps3, because my sister had the chromebook.

First I turned the game on. Then we went on netflix, and found Teen wolf. I  enjoyed watching the movie because it was funny and scary.

Then my Mum turned off the internet, so I played on the ps3 instead.

After that I  fed the angry dogs.

It was amazing because there was no school.